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Fox News, OANN, and NewsMax are discouraging COVID vaccination by spreading lies about the virus and the vaccines. They have blood on their hands.


The right-wing (extreme right) news networks have been spreading lies about the COVID pandemic and vaccines for months. Recently, they have been stepping up their propaganda with more outrageous falsehoods. I won’t repeat them because you have heard them already.

Their reasoning seems to be that the fight against the virus can be framed to their viewers as a left-wing hoax. They pay no attention to the devastation in other countries or to the positive results achieved by vaccination. They are throwing away the advantages that we have obtained in this country by our incredibly expensive research and development programs.

Our government is paying trillions of dollars to drug companies for their new vaccines– and it is worth it– but the money is being wasted because these propaganda outlets are discouraging people from accepting vaccination. They are also claiming that masks don’t work, which is patently ridiculous in the face of scientific data showing that they do– the tighter, the better, and two masks are better than one.

The results are painfully obvious. A winter-spring wave of infections and deaths was temporarily stemmed with mask-wearing and an intensive vaccination program, but now infections are rising again. The new summer wave is apparently caused by the spread of the delta variant (from India) in unvaccinated people, which variant is both more contagious and more deadly than previous variants.

Over 99% of deaths are now in unvaccinated people, mostly being infected with the delta variant. Total deaths have not risen yet, but they are sure to do so. Daily infections, which fell to 10,000 on average in the US, are now back up to 20,000 and will to continue to rise.

Everyone, even vaccinated people, is endangered by the refusal of about a third of the adults in the US to accept vaccination. If current trends continue, infections and deaths will rise again and overwhelm hospitals again.

What is worse, new variants will arise due to the number of people being infected. These will endanger people who were vaccinated because the variants will eventually become immune to the vaccines. New vaccines will be required to counter the new variants and we will have to start all over again vaccinating everyone who is willing.

When will these people learn that the scientists are telling the truth and trying to protect them? Maybe never, given the intensity with which the propaganda against vaccines is being pushed.

Ironically, the owner of Fox News, Rupert Murdoch, was himself vaccinated before anyone else. Why is he allowing his wholly owned “news” company to spread lies about the vaccine? He must think it’s good for his bottom line. The hypocrisy is appalling.

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