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Senate Approves Anti-hate crimes bill 94-1; Josh Hawley disapproves.

Josh Hawley via AP

According to The Hill, the Senate has passed anti-AAPI (Asian-American and Pacific Islander) legislation by a vote of 94-1. This law provides a common-sense way to reduce and react to hate crimes. It will establish a Justice Department position specifically designated to oversee the prosecution of hate crimes; a voluntary database of AAPI hate crimes (not limited to acts specifically related to the pandemic); and guidance to local law enforcement on dealing with hate crimes.

The lone dissenter in the Senate was Josh Hawley. This “no” vote is typical for his political orientation, which is militantly anti-Chinese and has been characterized as “performative politics”.

At this time, I would like to post a shout-out to my fellow blogger, who posts at “”, and has published on this subject quite recently. She identifies as Pacific Islander.

Also, thanks to Cristian Mihai for the information that there are some 500 million bloggers in current circulation. My wish is to have 4 billion bloggers (on the way to 10 billion) by 2030. I personally don’t care (very much) how many people follow my blog. That’s your business whether you have time for that.

You see, I buy into the notion that we should reduce our carbon output by 50% by 2030, just as does President Biden.

PS On a personal note, I would like to inform all and sundry that I identify as really and truly Anglo-Saxon, as my ancestors are from Germany, Ireland, and Sweden. I come by the name Conrad Seitz honestly. As a true Anglo-Saxon, I deplore the presumption of certain Republican Congresscritters who think they can tell me what Anglo-Saxon politics, culture, and architecture is! With much clashing of sword upon mail-covered breast and swilling of mead, I reject the notion that thains should not show fealty to the king! (Just kidding!)

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