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Comment of the Day: 71 y/o man changes party affiliation to “Democratic”.


I am a White person.

I am an evangelical Christian.

I am seventy one. Upon turning seventy, I changed my party affiliation to “Democrat.” I am an elder in my church (Norm speaking, not Susan) and have many conservative friends.

Including (as I believe) the interim senior pastor and the associate pastor. I care about these people–deeply. I love and admire them. That being said– –the thought has crossed my mind more than once. That it might be necessary to deal with at least some of today’s conservatives–with the unrestrained use of force.

Making me think–sorry, New York Times! of the old south after Lincoln’s election. When as Professor MacPherson (Princeton) pointed out: they brought upon themselves the very denouement they professed to dread. Mr. Trump’s “big lie” seems to have crystalized everything.

The inveterate contempt for truth displayed by this man–the contempt for laws–the contempt for norms and standards–the contempt for the ordinary decencies– –which were zealously adopted by thousands or millions of his fans and followers– –culminating in the storming of the Capitol back in January–

–well gosh, New York Times! What else IS there for me to think? Especially considering the pure LUNACY of Ms. Greens–the cynical opportunism displayed by Senator Hawley–the inimitable SPINELESSNESS exhibited by Senator Graham. . .

But I could be wrong.

God grant that I am!

Please, God. Please.

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