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My comment of the day: capitalism isn’t the problem. It’s dog-eat-dog capitalism.

cat with one green eye and one blue eye

To George, who said (in the comments to a NYT article):

(you haven’t offered any solutions to the problem of capitalism– or words to that effect)

The problem is not capitalism per se, it is a lack of regulation and progressive taxation. Programs like universal basic income are also part of the solution. Jobs building and rebuilding infrastructure are part of the solution.

If everyone had an income, a job, health care, housing, and food, that would go a long way towards solving the problems,

Did I mention equal K-12 education and community college with marketable skills?

Local funding of schools, police, etc. are big parts of the problem.

There’s nothing “wrong” with capitalism– it needs proper regulation to prevent the pyramid effect from destroying the lives of 50% of the population. Those who fight against proper regulation think they are benefitting from more money but the are really destroying the very things that support them.

Why did we have a 6% growth rate when the top tax rate was over 50% (actually 90%)? Why do we have a less than 3% growth rate when the top tax rate (capital gains) is less than 20%?

Why? Government is not the problem, it’s the solution.

Are those enough solutions for you or do you want to pick every one of them apart in isolation? The solutions don’t work if you apply them in a piecemeal, halfway fashion. All together they will work and everyone, even the top 1%, will benefit.

Don’t believe me? That’s your privilege, but don’t say I (we) didn’t offer real solutions with lots of evidence (no room in a 1500 char comment) to back them up. Try confronting Paul Krugman or someone else who knows what he’s talking about.

(photo of cat with one green eye and one blue eye from my personal collection)

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