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CDC tries to re-assert itself after falling under influence of current administration; record new cases, over 180K, rising death rate. Money needed for vaccine distribution.

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The CDC is once again beginning to publish guidelines although it has not yet returned to holding press conferences to announce new policies. The story is in the New York Times for November 13.

As I posted yesterday, the CDC has finally published a guideline that recommends wearing face masks for the protection of the wearer as well as others. This is based on relatively new research that reinforces previous positive studies and confirms the informed guesses that have been made for months by scientists.

There is now hope among the rank and file in the CDC that it can return to apolitical, science-based work without the interference of the current administration. First of all, there are about 67 days before the current administration has to leave and the Biden administration can take over. This leaves only a few days for anyone to be fired or transferred in retaliation for ignoring directives from the current administration.

What is happening now? Well, the Times says that 181,194 new cases were reported yesterday, along with 1,389 deaths. During the next week, chances are that new cases will exceed 200,000 a day by Friday. Deaths are likely to increase as well, but just when they will exceed 2,000 a day is open to speculation.

At the same time, the distribution of a vaccine (assuming that it is the Pfizer vaccine) will be fraught with difficulties. The main problem is lack of money. States will need money to develop a distribution and monitoring system. The federal government will need to step up and provide the money, because the states are already strapped due to increased expenses and reduced revenue over the last eight months.

So far, nothing is forthcoming from the current administration. We hope that the Biden administration has the will to appoint logistics specialists and provide money for the job– this is the quickest way to stop the pandemic and stem its economic and human costs. The issue will come to a head as the vaccine is approved in January.

In addition, sequencing many more samples of the virus will help contact tracing. Many more people must be put on the job to trace contacts and to follow the flow of virus mutations as it jumps from one person to the next– this will be the best way to follow the spread and pin down how the virus gets from person to person.

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