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This woman is holding up an orderly transition of power despite all news networks calling election for Biden.

Emily Murphy via

This woman is Emily W. Murphy. She was appointed to be the head administrator at the General Services Administration by [redacted] on September 2, 2017 and approved by the Senate by “unanimous consent.”

Yesterday, the Washington Post reported that she had no plans to sign a letter that would authorize the Biden administration to officially begin work on a transition that would take final effect on January 20, 2021.

Her excuse, apparently, is that the Electoral College will not certify an official winner to the presidential election until December 14, when the Electors actually vote. Of course, she could wait all the way until January 6 of next year, when the House and Senate meet to count the Electoral votes.

Her refusal ties up millions of dollars in revenue ($9.9 million) for the transition as well as office space, computer time, equipment, and access to officials in the current administration. In addition, agency heads will probably be told not to talk to Biden administration people.

This is all a result of the current president’s refusal to read the handwriting on the wall. Even the legal challenges that have been filed over various voting issues don’t have the potential to change the vote totals enough to overturn the results announced by all the news agencies and acknowledged by even some (four so far) Republican senators.

These senators do not include McConnell, who has announced a position that accepts the results of the election that are positive for the Republicans: retention of Senate seats by his friends and picking up House seats as well. Those very same ballots, however, were not accepted as showing that Biden had won the election. This makes one wonder which parts of the self-same ballots are unacceptable to McConnell? The ones he likes or the ones he doesn’t like?

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