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A blog you might like (especially for the fox pictures): Dynamic ecology, “multa novit vulpes” (the fox knows a lot of things)

sleeping fox by pexels via

This blog is primarily scientific, published by a trio of “academic ecologists”, including Jeremy Fox, who has a PhD from Rutgers and does research in population dynamics (etc.)– his grant was just renewed and expanded in September (congratulations to Jeremy Fox!)

The subjects covered in the blog are eclectic and philosophical. Some are interesting and controversial. The one which caught my eye posed the question “What’s the ‘greatest’ scientific fraud of all time?” published November 2, 2020, and referenced on “Retraction Watch” (another scientific blog, which has mushroomed over the last few years.) Sorry, comments were closed fairly quickly on that particular blog post– due to some controversy over the definition of “fraud”, “scientific”, and other basic words.

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