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British study will attempt to determine minimum infective SARS-COV-2 inoculum as prelude to vaccine trials: WP


The Washington Post reported on 10/20/20 that a British research study will attempt to infect healthy young volunteers with measured amounts of SARS-COV-2 virus to determine the minimum infectious inoculum, as a prelude to studying vaccines against COVID-19:

The British experiment is scheduled to begin in January. Volunteers will have a purified, laboratory-grown strain of the live virus blown into their noses, while quarantined in a 22-bed biosecure unit at the Royal Free Hospital in London, where they will undergo daily, even hourly, tests over two to three weeks.

The initial phase of the study, involving fewer than 100 healthy young adults between ages 18 and 30, will seek to determine the minimal amount of virus necessary to cause an active, measurable infection in the upper respiratory system.

PS I would like to see the study confined to volunteers between eighteen and twenty-five, make them all female (better immune systems), and evaluate them for known inherited immune disorders before-hand. Just my personal preference.

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