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Comment of the Day Redux: the email — and other–transgressions of the current administration vs. those of Hillary Clinton et al.

Hillary by John Hain via

The recent tirade by the president includes the fantastic claim that Joe Biden is ineligible to run for president because the Crossfire Hurricane investigation was a coup attempt– and that Hillary Clinton should be in jail too, for her emails.

Of course, members of the current administration, including the presidential daughter, have been guilty of using private emails for official business. The current administration has done more treasonous things than trying to prevent the current president from taking power– which arguably is not treason, but an attempt to save the country from the disastrous “leadership” of the current president…

From this Washington Post story on October 9 comes this comment:

Or [redacted] himself talking loudly on a cell phone in a public place, about his extortion plot with Ukraine.  This wasn’t on a government phone, but on a private cell phone. 

Why is Hillary continually harassed by the media for doing something that was careless, but not a crime? 

[redacted] has done far worse.  The day after [redacted] fired Comey, he celebrated with the Russian Ambassador, even gave him classified information, face to face.  Of course our news media was excluded, but we have a photographic record, courtesy of the Russian press, who were invited into the Oval Office celebration… that [redacted] had successfully removed the man in charge of the FBI and the Russian investigation.  He removed Comey’s successor.  He tried to remove Mueller, but since that failed, he fired AG Sessions and replaced him with Bill Barr.  Who conveniently omitted the second chapter of the Mueller report in his “summary” to the public.  The part where Mueller lays out  multiple instances of obstruction of justice… and posts a final warning that we, as a nation, are in serious danger!

Now we are precariously dangling, over the edge, of a banana republic abyss.   If [redacted] wins the election not [even with– ed.] by popular votes, or votes from the electoral collage, but from his personal nominee at the Supreme Court.  We are finished!  America is done!  This may very well be our last election, and the death knell of us all.  To be at the mercy of an unrestrained, cruel and vindictive madman, and his henchmen… Nazi Germany ring a bell?…  I sometimes wonder, if I am not already dead, and living in a constant state of purgatory.  Out of all the month’s of Hair Fuhrer’s reign, this is the one I have feared the most.  As well as the months leading up to inauguration day.

[redacted] is losing, and he is desperate!  No telling what sort of rabbit he will try to pull out of the hat.
Pray for us!  We need all the help we can get, to rid ourselves of this abomination of a man!

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