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Russian Disinformation and the Department of Homeland Security: what do we have this dep’t for, exactly?

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You will not be surprised to hear that our Department of Homeland Security has not published information it has received regarding Russian disinformation campaigns. One such campaign, for example, sought to denigrate ex-Vice President Joe Biden’s mental capacity. Apparently, it didn’t make [redacted] look too good, so the report DHS was to publish about this campaign was suppressed.

What do we have a Department of Homeland Security for if it is unable to publish reports about disinformation campaigns coming from foreign governments?

To take another example, Microsoft has taken it upon itself to announce that the Chinese government is hacking into the Democratic Party’s computers– so far, apparently, without success. You will recall that in 2016, the Russians were able to access emails of high-level Democratic officials and release them with a significant negative effect on the Democratic presidential campaign.

Now, the official line from our erstwhile Department of Homeland Security is that the Chinese would prefer that Biden be elected. But is that really true? If so, why are they not trying to hack into Republican Party computers?? I think it is more likely that the Chinese would prefer that [redacted] be re-elected because it will severely weaken American society– even further than it already has (income inequality is worse, life expectancy is worse, misery index increased, etc.)

So what do we have a Department of Homeland Security for?? They seem to be spreading disinformation and not warning us about foreign campaigns. I say, Defund DHS! Rebuild it from the ground up and maybe we can save some money. After all, it is the most expensive department we have after the military. The police, likewise, are the most expensive portion of local government budgets– and look at the service/harassment we get from them. They need an overhaul.

It is high time that we demand good service and respect from our government rather than opacity and brutality. This is America– we should get good government. Not the cheap foreign kind.

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