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Ohio’s governor Mike DeWine tests positive for SARS-COV-2 before meeting He-who-must-not-be-named. Good excuse.

official-type photo of Mike DeWine

Just before meeting the president, everybody has to be tested for the virus, because He is a professed “germaphobe” and the tests are available (although there seems to be a problem with a high false-negative rate.) There’s no indication that He understands the concept of false-negative and false-positive, which is not surprising since a lot of doctors don’t understand it either.

Here’s an article in the Washington Post about it. Here’s another story in CNN. It’s unfortunate for him, especially because he aggressively responded to the threat of the novel coronavirus when it first was manifested. It is fortunate for him that he is asymptomatic. I hope it’s not a false-positive, because he could be quarantining for nothing. I also hope he gets tested for antibodies after he comes out of quarantine.

I wish only the best for people suffering from the virus. I don’t have such gentle feelings for a certain president. I hope He experiences justice, in the form of the long arm of the law. In that regard, you do know that He’s under investigation by the New York State Attorney General in Manhattan?

For bank, insurance, and possibly tax fraud (CNN story) going back over many years. It seems that His former lawyer testified under oath that He had a habit of inflating and deflating the values of his properties on applications, depending on which favored His interests more.

Just letting you know how I feel about these things. I don’t like the fact that we are experiencing the worst outbreak of the virus in the developed world. I don’t like the fact that poor people and people of color are experiencing the worst effects, both virological and economical. I don’t like the way this has been politicized. I do like the effects of it upon His chances for re-election.

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