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Manhattan District Attorney is investigating president for bank and insurance fraud: NY Times

photo courtesy of and Erika Wittlieb

A New York Times story has just come out revealing that the Manhattan District Attorney is investigating “Individual 1” and his companies for bank and insurance fraud– “a significantly broader inquiry than prosecutors have acknowledged in the past.” This came out in a court filing by the DA’s office that argues that the “Individual” must comply with its subpoena for eight years of personal and corporate tax returns. The individual is trying to have the subpoena declared invalid.

The subpoena was filed a year ago, in August 2019, and wended its way to the Supreme Court– which just last month declared that the State of New York had the authority to obtain the records, but punted back to the District Court the arguments over the breadth of the subpoena and its justification. In other words, the Supreme Court did the president’s bidding by preventing the State from obtaining the records immediately (although it claimed to be supporting the State’s rights to obtain the records eventually.)

There was some public support for limiting the State’s subpoena because the investigation had been thought to be limited to the case of Stormy Daniels, who received hush money payments in 2016 through the president’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen.

The president claimed that he was immune to investigation by the State by virtue of his position as president. The Supreme Court rejected this argument as any sane person, lawyer or not, would. However, the Court allowed the president to return to the Federal District Court to make other arguments against the subpoena– thereby “dragging out the legal fight and effectively shielding himself from criminal investigation” according to the DA. Carey R. Dunne, one of the DA’s lawyers, stated, “What the president’s lawyers are seeking here is delay” in an effort to run out the statute of limitations.

This is a true example of the maxim, “Justice delayed is justice denied.” This is particularly true in this case because even if the tax records are obtained by the grand jury, they will not be made public. Grand jury secrecy is usually immune to leaks. The records will only become public if criminal charges are brought and they are introduced at trial.

Once again, the Supreme Court has done the bidding of the sitting president, who has successfully hidden his tax returns from the public for more than four years. Only a resounding defeat at the ballot box will even begin to show the truth about this greatest of all con men.

(Most of this post summarizes the information from the New York Times story, which was posted/updated at 10:14 AM PDT and is available here.)

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