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A Personal Note: nothing left to lose but your life, so what do you want to read about?


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Most of my blog posts are about medical things, or at least things that have something to do with things that are medical.  That’s because my training was in medicine and that was my experience for 27 years.  So I have some expertise in that.

I’m taking this opportunity to ask you what kinds of posts you want to see on this blog.  The reason I’m asking is that I appear to have more people actually reading, or at least clicking on, my posts.  I could write about anything, but I don’t want to just repeat what other people are saying or just vent about whatever obsesses me.  If you search, you can find people writing about almost everything, from every point of view.  I don’t want to duplicate what other people are saying.

I don’t get many comments.  I don’t know if that’s because you agree with me or you’re just apathetic, or too depressed to do anything.  Remember “learned helplessness”– it affected Mary [redacted], and it could be affecting you, too… so here’s your chance to break through the helplessness with something that would make a difference.

“What have you got to lose?”  Remember that statement?  It was said by a certain president who shall remain unnamed.  It applies to a lot of things.  He applied it to African/Caribbean-Americans voting for him.  He thought it was funny.  It’s not.

You could lose your life from voting/not voting, especially this year.  Some people have already died because of him.

On a personal level, though, I have little left to lose.  I am living on a pension from Social Security.  They most likely, probably can’t take it away from me. I can’t get fired for what I say or write.  But I could be killed.  I can’t make any money because it would probably be taken away from me.  But I could be killed.  So for all the mistakes and stupid things I’ve done, I say, it doesn’t matter any more.  I can’t do anything about the harm I’ve caused.  The good I’ve accomplished has faded away.   It doesn’t matter any more.  But I can still write.

Why do I keep writing?  I’m outraged, on an almost hourly basis, by things that happen.

I’m outraged today by the report that people are being swept up in unmarked vans full of un-identified federal “police” who are just taking people off the street for exercising their right to protest.  Because somebody in the crowd is throwing things, or writing graffiti on federal buildings, or trying to burn police stations.

I’m disturbed that the people in the “Justice” Department are taking this opportunity to judicially murder people who are dying already from the effects of incarceration.  They did awful things, but I don’t believe that gives anyone the right to kill them in cold blood.  They’re not doing anything to right the wrongs that caused the deaths in the first place.  They’re just satisfying their urges to exercise their power and wreak revenge on helpless miscreants.

I’m dismayed by the results that we’ve seen another high in new cases: over 70,000, some say over 75,000.  Different web sites say different things, but most are over 70,000.

So, there’s a lot of things I could write about.  Please write a comment if there’s something in particular that you want me to write about.


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