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Geopolitics: Where do we stand? Why does the US retreat from involvement in the world, as China increases its influence?


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After World War Two, the United States was the strongest country.  China was just finishing up a bloody civil war that left the entire country in ruins.  Europe had been bombed back into the Stone Age.  The Soviet Union (Russia) had lost millions of soldiers and civilians to the war against the Nazis.  Japan had been hit with two atomic bombs, after firebombs had killed hundreds of thousands in cities.

Now, after almost four years of destruction by he-who-must-not-be-named, the US has withdrawn from its involvement with the rest of the world.  After over 70 years of rebuilding, the world is totally different, but until four years ago, the US was still the country with the most involvement in other countries.  We gave the most support for democracy and human rights.  Today, we have given up our role in the world and are in danger of ceding our power to China.

This is a very dangerous thing, because the Chinese government has no interest in democracy or human rights.  The government is a product of its leaders, who from the beginning of the Chinese Revolution have been interested only in amassing power, first to overthrow the warlords, then to rebuild the country.  They have always looked on democratic government as a weakness.  They have never been interested in protecting freedom of expression or allowing cultures to continue their indigenous growth.  Their leader, Mao, had a similar personality to our current leader, and he set the tone for the current Chinese government.

The US has long been an aspirant to democracy and to the rights of all humans.  All the injustices and oppression that have taken place in the US have been opposed by the arc of its aspirational self-governance.  Just when the equality of peoples has been nearly approached, it is in danger of being snatched away by the disinterest and active sabotage of our current leaders.

Drawing away from leadership towards equal representation in other countries, the administration in this country has turned towards re-oppressing its own peoples.  Corruption and malfeasance in our government has not only encouraged state violence against our own people, but allowed tyrannical leaders in other countries to oppress their own people without fear of disapproval from our leaders.  We must fight to return our country to a path towards equality and freedom for everyone by ending the current leadership and electing new leaders.  We need leaders who respect everyone’s rights in this country and fight for the rights of peoples in other countries.

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