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COVID-19 Pandemic Continues to Rage, especially in US: 60,000 New Cases Reported as federal government dithers and White House Lies


Electron micrograph of SARS-COV-2 virions in vitro

CNN reports that the US had 60,000 new cases on Tuesday, according to Johns Hopkins University.  Other daily tracking reports are smaller.  For example, worldometer says that there were 55,442 new cases yesterday.  Ourworldindata reports 57,473.

The White House is openly pressuring both elementary/secondary and college-level schools to open for in-person classes this fall.  They stated that the CDC’s guidelines were too expensive and convoluted to follow.  All administration spokesmen are claiming that everything is under control.  Even Dr. Birx claims that she has seen “encouraging signs” in Texas, Arizona, and Florida.   Dr. Fauci has contradicted this happy talk, but he has been prevented from giving interviews to most media.  I won’t repeat the other lies coming from the administration.

The White House has formally notified the World Health Organization (WHO) that it plans to withdraw from membership, effective in a year from now.  There has no word on whether the US will pay the dues that it currently owes, although the US contributed the largest individual share of WHO’s budget last year.  There have already been changes that have reduced the US participation in WHO.  China will probably take the opportunity to increase its involvement in, and control over WHO because of the US withdrawal.

Miami-Dade County reported that 28% of its antigen tests are coming back positive.  42 Florida hospitals have completely full intensive care units (ICU) and a field hospital with 450 beds has been established at the Miami Convention Center.  Miami-Dade and Broward County schools may not open this fall if conditions continue to deteriorate, despite the Florida state-wide “order” to re-open.  The caveats included with the re-opening order make it possible for local officials to overrule the plans to open.

According to CNN, “In the past 13 days, Florida’s Miami-Dade County has seen a 70% increase in the number of Covid-19 patients being hospitalized.  The number of intensive care unit beds being used has risen to 84% and the use of ventilators is at 116%, according to the latest data released by Miami-Dade County government.””

New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut have ordered travelers from at least 19 other states to self-quarantine for two weeks if they enter the state.  Canada has seen a marked improvement in their daily case counts, and Prime Minister Trudeau decided not to travel to the White House for ceremonies marking the start of the new US-Canada-Mexico trade agreement.

Brazil continues to record increases in their daily case counts, with at least 45,000 new cases yesterday.  Over 1,668,000 cases have been reported in that country.  Their head, Jair Bolsonaro, reported that he has had a positive test, with symptoms, after refusing to wear a mask and exposing himself repeatedly.  Brazil’s reaction to the virus has been chaotic and most of the population is unable to isolate because of poverty.  All of South America is suffering greatly from the pandemic.

For additional minute-to-minute coronavirus updates, see the CNN website.


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    So so devastatingly sad


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