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A new record in daily coronavirus cases: 44,702 reported Friday: Washington Post. Florida also reports a second day with over 9,000 new reported cases.


Coronavirus studies by Engin Akyurt via

Read this Washington Post update page today.  It’s free– no subscription required for COVID-19 articles.  Miami-Dade County has closed their beaches for the July 4 holiday.  In other news, video surfaced of White House staffers removing social distancing stickers placed on every other seat at the BOK arena prior to the rally held in Tulsa last weekend.  The European Union is considering not allowing Americans to visit as tourists when they reopen on the first of July.

Fake face-mask exemption cards are being circulated by a Facebook group.  The Washington Post writes:

In an alert, the DOJ said the bogus cards circulating online claim the holder does not have to abide by ordinances requiring face mask usage, claiming that doing so poses a mental or physical health risk. They cite the Americans With Disabilities Act and include a Department of Justice seal and phone number.

“If found in violation of the ADA you could face steep penalties,” the cards say.

They feature an eagle logo and the website for the Freedom to Breathe Agency and caution that businesses or organizations that deny access to cardholders “will also be reported to FTBA for further actions.”

But the FTBA is not a government agency — it’s the Facebook group that shared the cards, CNN reported. Founder Lenka Koloma told the network that people should only wear masks “whenever they wish to be silenced and muzzled.”

After CNN asked Facebook for comment about the group, it was removed, the network reported.

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