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John Bolton proves that the enemy of my enemy is not my friend, merely a temporary ally


John Bolton, from CNN

John Bolton is a notorious conservative war hawk who was given an interim appointment as ambassador to the UN by George W Bush.  He resigned at the end of the interim period when it became clear that the Senate would not confirm him to the position.  He was poorly suited to the post, having famously claimed that the UN would function just as well with ten floors chopped off.  He was too much of a hawk even for He-who-must-not-be-named, who didn’t want to actually get involved with a war overseas– merely to end all alliances and “foreign entanglements.”

Now, after 17 months as national security adviser, Bolton has become the bete noir of the administration by publishing a book confirming hidden details of the president’s unfitness and ignorance.

While we appreciate the “friendly fire” from Bolton, we need to remember that the only reason conservatives don’t like the president is that he is unable to deliver on their most cherished dreams because of his incompetence.  “Never [redacted]” are still unacceptable as leaders for this country because they still push the priorities of the Republican Party: more power for those who already have too much power, and no help for the downtrodden masses.

Remember: those who voted for this president in the first place still want things that are unacceptable to the majority of the country.  Just because they have turned on him doesn’t magically make them good people.

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