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Comment of the Day Redux: Summer Reading Season, Prior Restraint, and John Bolton’s Book “The Room Where it Happened”


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It’s fun to see {redacted] flailing around impotently, drowning in a storm-tossed sea of his own excrement. Also fun to see Bolton tossing him a concrete life preserver. And soon to follow, Mary {redacted]’s new tell-all about her family’s shame. Bring on the summer reading season!

{redacted] is pushing limits with the end goal of abolishing the First Amendment. He as dictator will get to decide what appears in print, & what doesn’t. Likely this will end up in the Supreme Court, but at that point, massive books sales will have already happened. And the press needs to stop with this nonsense: “The idea that this whole book is being held up after an extensive process feels like an abuse of power…” It IS an abuse of power. It doesn’t “feel” like one. The other problem for {redacted]is that, unlike his family corporation, where NDA’s are legal, Bolton, as a federal employee, has no legality to respect any NDA’s he signed as National Security Advisor. That NDA is null & void & no court will uphold it’s restrictions.

There are no heroes in this conflict.  Bolton, had he put patriotism above self-enrichment, would have testified in the House or Senate impeachment proceedings.  It is implausible that he would have been denied the “necessary” subpoena had he communicated his intentions to the House Dems.

I want to see what’s in Bolton’s book because our democracy deserves to pierce the veil that {redacted]’s enablers have used to try to shield his incompetence from the American Public.  But for {redacted]’s daily Twitter rants and repeated lies he might get away with the portrait painted of him in his various propaganda pieces.  Heck, somehow 40 percent of Americans approve of this idiot.

But, as for Bolton’s book sales . . . I ain’t buying it.

The DOJ suing to enforce a personal {redacted] NDA is simply {redacted]using the DOJ as his personal enforcers. Remember to thank your republican senators appropriately for protecting this great leader the next time they are up for election.

“asking a federal judge to order former White House national security adviser John Bolton to stop the release of his book”

Not much to this. Bolton isn’t the publisher, he isn’t releasing the book.

DOJ is suing to “ask” a judge…? Weak tea.

DOJ isn’t suing the publisher, ( because it knows to never argue with someone who buys ink by the barrel)

By the time this is sorted out {redacted] will be in jail for tax and wire fraud and Barr will be “of counsel” somewhere in a galaxy far away.

::: Pity the far away galaxy.

It is a felony to classify, or over classify, things not subject to classification in order to conceal illegal activity.

We need to start prosecuting this felony, because it is an automatic that Republicans use unnecessary classification to hide their criminal activity and has been since Nixon.

That is not true.  Mad King Donald would need to modify Executive Order 13526 to allow him to classify any information that can make The Donald look bad.

Sec. 1.7. Classification Prohibitions and Limitations.
(a)   In no case shall information be classified, continue to be maintained as classified, or fail to be declassified in order to:
(1)   conceal violations of law, inefficiency, or administrative error;
(2)   prevent embarrassment to a person, organization, or agency;
(3)   restrain competition; or
(4)   prevent or delay the release of information that does not require protection in the interest of the national security.

Given the fact that the Russians interfered in our campaign for president by using Facebook to help {redacted] and given the fact that {redacted] only won the electoral college with wins in PA, MI, and WI with a victory margin of less than 200,000 votes combined any use of power by {redacted] is an abuse.

OT  little side trip

{redacted] International Golf Club, which leases public land in West Palm Beach, Florida, is requesting rent relief from Palm Beach County after COVID-19 forced President Donald {redacted]’s resort to temporarily close.
Ed Raymundo, the director of finance at the resort, sent a letter to ​the county’s real estate director Ross Hering on June 5 claiming that the mandated closure of the golf club, which pays the county $88,338 per month, in March caused a “significant impact” on the resort’s operations.

–from WaPo opinion piece on John Bolton’s new book, due out June 23 and already in the hands of bookstores and reviewers (and Mary {redacted]s book, due in August)

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