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Commentary Explaining, in numbing detail, that Judy Mikovits is a fraud and “fantasist”, and “Plandemic” is so much conspiracy theorizing nonsense: AIDS and Human Retroviruses Journal


Coronavirus studies by Engin Akyurt via

I found this commentary, published in the “AIDS and Human Retroviruses” journal as a preprint on May 22.  It explains the general history of Judy Mikovits’ discredited research and how it came to be found fraudulent.  It is complex and difficult to follow unless you are a biologist who studies this field.  Nonetheless, I found it to be fascinating and worthy of quoting– as follows:

So, all in all Mikovits has form [sic] as a serial scientific fantasist who has consistently made unsubstantiated claims about mouse retroviruses as the cause of a number of human diseases. The only “evidence” ever published by her was unequivocally shown to stem from laboratory contamination and explicit fabrication of data.

Her reappearance now as an apparently maligned “scientific leader” challenging the orthodoxy on vaccines and COVID-19 would be a source of eye-rolling were she not being taken seriously by countless Internet warriors posting and reposting the trailer for Plandemic. Her claims have been picked up by right-wing commentators in the United States desperate to show that the lockdown measures taken against COVID-19 are a pernicious over-reaction designed to damage President Trump, whose inconsistent handling of the crisis has garnered a huge amount of criticism. In doing so, she is playing with fire in the heightened atmosphere of our “fake news” era. It is incumbent on scientists to call this out for what it is: fabricated nonsense. There is no legitimate debate to be had on these issues, and any credence given to these dangerous conspiracies will lead to even greater suffering resulting from COVID-19. Steer well clear of Plandemic and the claims of Judy Mikovits.

Sadly, this pandemic has been the ground for a huge resurgence of conspiracy theories of all types.  Mikovits’ theories are only the tip of the iceberg, so to speak.  There are many and various conspiracies alleged, most of them obviously bogus.  Be on the lookout for rumors and conspiracy theories.  Be highly skeptical and don’t believe anything you can’t prove.

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