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Seven Highly Ineffective Habits, as told by Cristian Mihai


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Lately, I’ve gotten in the habit of  making lists.  They’re fun and instructive, as long as you remember there’s always something you’ve left off the list.  Also you should not reduce things to one line so that they fit on a list.  Here’s a list, from a Cristian Mihai post titled “Seven Habits of Highly Ineffective People”, that I particularly liked.

To begin with, assume that you are wrong.

  1.  They waste their time scrolling through social media, watching TV, and Netflix bingeing. (They spend too much time at these known time-wasters.)
  2.  They mistake motion for action.  (Self-explanatory, I think.)
  3. They have a habit of coming up with excuses.  (Also fairly clear.)
  4.  They often vacation on Someday Island too.  (Someday Island is that place you send your aspirations to, while putting them off essentially forever.)
  5. They have the habit of giving up too soon.  (Clear as a bell.)  (There is also “giving up too late” as a result of not recognizing sunk costs as being lost– not investments– and not cutting your losses.)
  6. They just want to “have fun.”  (Everyone “just wants to have fun”, as in the song “Girls just wanna have fun”, but there is a way of losing your purpose by just having fun.)
  7.  They are locked in scarcity-mode.  (This refers to selfishness, the thought that you need to conserve things that you actually have in plenty and to spare.)

I don’t like to refer to “Highly Ineffective People” because you are not your actions.  You are not locked into what you have already done.  You should not regret having made mistakes and beat yourself up over it.  You should instead resolve to change, don’t remain the same.  Take your resolve, stop making excuses, and get off of “Someday Island”– swim if you have to, but remember to take off your shoes before getting in the water.  Thank you.

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