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Rural city and county owned hospitals are closing because they can’t get the stimulus money, in the face of increased need due to COVID-19 pandemic: Politico


hospital by Silas Camargo Silao via

Politico’s article from April 14 explains why rural hospitals are “on the ropes”: they were struggling before, and now the community-owned ones can’t get stimulus loans due to an oversight in the $2 trillion bailout package recently approved federally.  Read the article for details on which hospitals are closing and which few have gotten loans.

Without properly focused action by the federal government, the medical system is going to be forced through the wringer.  Many rural people will be left behind, forced to drove long distances to get medical care.  This is an unnecessary disaster, and it is facilitated by the lack of federal oversight and help for rural communities.

Having worked in rural hospitals, I know how important they are to these communities.  They are a lifeline for critically injured patients and those who need medical help who can’t drive to the next big city.  Without them, these communities will face further contraction and poverty.

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