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[redacted] puts his name on paper coronavirus stimulus checks; some say this will delay the printing process. Why are we not surprised that He will attempt to use this to his political advantage?


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Multiple news outlets have announced that [redacted] will include “President [redacted]” on the memo line of the stimulus checks to be mailed out to eligible Americans as part of Congress’s virus relief package.  His initial attempts to “sign” the checks were stymied by a law that requires a career Treasury employee to sign the checks; this is why paper money has the signature of an unknown Treasury worker on each bill.  The law was passed to prevent political advertising from being a part of the money that the Treasury hands out for such things as Social Security, tax refunds, and the like.  So He had them include his name on the memo line.  This took a change in the programming of the check printers.

The Treasury Department denies that this change will delay the issuance of paper checks, but some IRS employees apparently have said the opposite.  Clearly there will be some delay because the inclusion of His name is a change from established procedure.  The power that He exerts over the Treasury and other executive branch departments makes this change a foregone conclusion.  Whether anyone will be fooled by this into voting for Him (when they otherwise would not) is entirely open to question.

Why are we not surprised?  That [redacted] would make the most of any opportunity to advertise his “largesse” (with the taxpayer’s money, eventually, although it is pure debt initially)… when he has falsely claimed to be a multi-billionaire (if he has a net worth, it’s all tied up in unsalable real estate) , a successful businessman (he opened two casinos in Atlantic City a block apart and ran them both into the ground– who loses money from owning a casino?), a straight-talker (with over 18,000 lies and misrepresentations under his belt as President), a representative of the common man (who makes little effort to disguise his disdain for people who are not multi-millionaires, calling them “losers”), and all-around “greater President than Lincoln” (I won’t dignify this claim by bothering to refute it).

Fortunately, I will not be exposed to this naked political propaganda as I am on the “direct deposit” list as a recipient of Social Security retirement checks from the Treasury.  I am not holding my breath waiting to receive this money.  If He could find any way to punish his opponents by cancelling their payments or with-holding their Social Security, He would do so.

For the reason that I oppose him, and don’t wish to be found out by His internet spies, I have been hiding His name by using [redacted] whenever referring to His August Narcissism.  Also, I got tired of waiting for “Don the Con” to catch on; it seemed like the perfect nickname, but no-one refers to Him that way.  Finally, I am so sick and tired of seeing him, hearing his voice, or even seeing his name mentioned, that I am sparing myself the nausea that almost overcomes me every time his name is mentioned.

I am heading this post with a picture of Roman coins because the face on the obverse of each is an ancient form of political advertising.  The face, for so many illiterate ancients, served as shorthand for the name of the Emperor.  The identification of the coin with the ruler served the purpose of telling people where the money originally came from– the Emperor’s personal treasury, in many cases.

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