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A word to my 2 readers: renxkyoko and ehw: Please read last night’s NYT and find out that the admin has been lying to you: Most of cases in NY came from Europe before travel ban, in mid-Feb


caption courtesy of and OpenClipArtVectors

An article in last night’s NYT contains several new tidbits about the novel coronavirus.  The first is that genetic analysis of thousands of virus genomes has revealed that most of the cases in New York have come from Europe, long before the ban on travel from Europe by the federal administration and He-who-must-not-be-named.  It seems that these cases came in as early as mid-February, after cases had been detected in wastewater samples from the Netherlands.

Other tidbits will follow in succeeding posts.  PS much of the coronavirus news coverage has been placed in the “free” category by multiple web sites.


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