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Boris Johnson is now in ICU with COVID-19: up until recently, he was shaking hands with patients who had it.


image courtesy and Pete Linforth (TheDigitalArtist)

News media reports that, yesterday, Boris Johnson was admitted to hospital with COVID-19 “as a precaution”.  Today, he is reported in the ICU after his condition deteriorated overnight.  He was said to have been shaking hands with stricken patients “until a few weeks ago”.  Great Britain’s response to the new virus was, initially, to allow “herd immunity” to take over… until the scale of the crisis became apparent to all.  I’m not sourcing this report; everyone is carrying it.  I just thought you’d like to know that he appears to have been deliberately exposing himself to it; he’s too smart to think he was immune… oh, and his pregnant partner is toughing it out at home with “mild to moderate” symptoms.  The word for his behavior is either arrogance or “tip of the spear”, you decide.

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