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Wikipedia Agrees: Digital Contact Tracing by Smartphone App is the Way. Doing this would allow us to return to “normal”


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I wrote yesterday that an article in Science magazine revealed the South Korean secret to reducing their transmission rate to a manageable level: a smartphone app.  I refer you to yesterday’s post for more details.  This morning, I consulted Wikipedia for some abstruse details, and sure enough, they agree:

Given the unknown horizontal transmission parameters of the virus, advocates for digital contact tracing, such as smartphone apps, assert that if a presumptive diagnosis of COVID-19 based on symptoms were accepted in high-prevalence areas, and only quarantines for their contacts were implemented, populations could resume ordinary lives without the economically crippling results of ‘lockdowns’.

Contact me if you think this is a good idea.  Or don’t.  I don’t have time to natter on right now.  Too busy trying to stay alive by living a normal life.  Seriously, you should try to do everything you normally do, only “contactless”.

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