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SARS-COV-2: This Chinese study about asymptomatic patients wasn’t retracted: it showed 28% of children under 14 and 27% of elders over 70 had no symptoms.


(image courtesy of and Ri_Ya)

Here’s a link to a Chinese study on Medrxiv that wasn’t retracted (yet– too late now).

Here’s the key findings:

 In different infection periods, compared with the proportion after 1/31/2020, the proportion of asymptomatic patient among SARS-CoV-2 infected patient was higher(19% VS 1.5%). In different age groups, the proportion of asymptomatic patient was the highest(28.6%) in children group under 14, next in elder group over 70 (27.3%). Compared with mild and common Covid-19 patients, the mean latency of asymptomatic [sic] was longer (11.25 days VS 8.86 days), but the hospital length of stay was shorter (14.3 days VS 16.96 days) .

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