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Details about the New Republican Lie About SARS-COV-2: It’s the Democrat’s Fault for Impeaching [redacted]


(image courtesy of and Ri_Ya)

The details: the impeachment trial’s pre-ordained conclusion occurred on February 5, 2020.  The first known patient with COVID-19 arrived in the US on January 15 and was hospitalized on January 19-20.  Details of his case were published in the NEJM (New England Journal of Medicine) on January 31.  Briefings for the *president on the threat of the new virus had already been held.

Himself was holding rallies and golfing thru-out the month of February and into March.   He visited Mar-a-Lago repeatedly and met with officials from Brazil (after which multiple members of the Brazilian delegation turned out to be positive for the new virus).  He was calling the virus a “Democratic hoax” all along.  This is at the same time that he was getting regular briefings on the advance of the virus in the US.

After impeachment was over, he pivoted towards retaliating against those who dared to come forward and testify to his corrupt actions.  He kicked Alexander Vindman off the NSC (National Security Council).  He threw Vindman’s twin brother out (who had done nothing) at the same time.

George (“Mr. KellyAnne”) Conway pushed back on McConnell’s claims, according to IJR (Independent Journal Review):

Conway noted that the impeachment trial — which ended on Feb. 5 — was “over before it even started, thanks in large part to McConnell.”

Himself made his first tweet about COVID-19 on January 24, projected confidence, and made no mention of its spread to the US.

On February 29, the first US death from the new virus was reported.  Himself had already banned travel from China on January 31 (after removing US nationals from the country) and reported new travel bans on the 29th.  He boasted that the travel ban for China had been very effective.

All in all, multiple news outlets have contradicted the claim that impeachment was a distraction– or would have been for the average president.  Clinton had made a good show of concentrating on actual business while he was being impeached.  But Himself couldn’t concentrate on anything except the attack on his standing in government and its narcissistic threats to his self-image.

Long after impeachment was over, He held rallies, golfed, travelled, and raved about the new virus as a “Democratic hoax”.  McConnell’s new claim is just an attempt to deflect blame for His tardy response towards the Democrat’s quixotic quest to remove the sociopathic, narcissistic solipsist who claims to be our leader.

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