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Going back to a subject that I was dissed for a year ago: a clinical diagnosis for our “Dear Leader”. Because of the great danger he poses to the public, it is essential that we broadcast that he is a sociopathic, narcissistic solipsist.


(thanks to for this gruesome image)

This is a subject that is painful for me because I dropped out of Twitter for a long time after being dissed for announcing a clinical diagnosis for Himself.  There are two reasons for first, making, and second, publicizing a clinical diagnosis for that certain person:

  1.  Ordinarily, diagnosis of disease requires a personal examination.  This is not possible in this case and is not necessary in such a flagrant case of the disease from which he suffers.  If I were to clinically interview such a person, he would only lie to me and I would have to make my diagnosis based on talking to his relatives, friends, and victims.  It is easy, in fact it doesn’t take a weatherman, to diagnosis sociopathic narcissism in such an advanced case.
  2. Once having made such a diagnosis, it is necessary to consider dangerousness to others (especially since the prognosis for treatment is so negative).  In this case, especially today, this person is extremely dangerous.  He may have doomed thousands of people to a painful, lonely, lingering death already.

So, ethically speaking, I believe that I am on safe ground saying it, and saying it loud:  HE is a sociopathic, narcissistic solipsist.

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