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“Conclusions: the present study shows that COVID-19 can often present as a common-cold type illness.” A German study published March 9 on shows everything you know about this virus is wrong.


(image courtesy of pixabay and TheDigitalArtist)

A German study of nine patients with COVID-19 published on March 5 on a pre-print server looked at cell culture to determine infectiousness before and during illness.  Seven of the nine had only upper respiratory (sore throat and runny nose) symptoms and two had mild lower respiratory (cough) symptoms.  All showed infectious virus shedding on days one through five of illness; after day eight, no infectious virus appeared.  Although virus was detected in the feces, it was not infectious and could not have transmitted disease.  Antibodies were found in the blood serum after about one week of illness.

While this study has not yet been peer-reviewed, it looks solid and I believe it can be depended upon to guide our decision-making.

“Conclusions: the present study shows that COVID-19 can often present as a common-cold type illness.”  This small but thorough study indicates that everyone who says this virus presents as pneumonia is wrong.  Most symptomatic patients only have upper respiratory symptoms (URI) and are infectious, with high levels of viral shedding, very early and possibly even before symptoms appear.

Apparently, this virus has swept the world because of its nearly unique features.  First, it is highly infectious early in the illness, even 24 hours before symptoms appear.  Second, most patients have mild or even trivial symptoms that might be ignored if there is not adequate support for sick leave and isolation.  Third, it is antigenically different enough from previous coronaviruses that no-one in the world has pre-existing immunity.

The problem is that a small percentage of patients who fall ill develop pneumonia, respiratory distress, and low blood oxygen (deoxygenation).  These patients represent the real burden of illness for the health system because they require hospitalization, intubation, and artificial respiration, that is they will need those ventilators that the Commander in Cheat thinks are unnecessary.  Anywhere from five to twenty percent of patients fall into this latter group, and they will overwhelm the medical care system if “stay at home” orders are not followed.

The issue of gastrointestinal illness appears to be confined to a tiny percentage of patients and feces are unlikely to pass on the virus.

The level of exposure related to seriousness of illness has not been settled.  If this virus is like most others, small exposures are likely to lead to mild illness and massive exposures may result in death from pneumonia and “cytokine storm” (massive over-reaction of the immune system to the virus).

As the pandemic spreads I am learning exponentially more about the SARS-COV2 problem and I am deeply concerned that people are not taking it seriously enough.  I had an inkling that something was seriously wrong when I heard the first reports, and it seems that my instincts were correct.  This virus will infect most of the world.  It will have a massive effect on our economy that will last for years.  It is too late to prevent major disruption of our lives.  Universal testing is essential to limit the damage.

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