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“Be wary then; best safety lies in fear…” –Laertes, Hamlet Act I Scene III


(thanks to pixabay and Arcaion for this photo)

You know the commander in chief is suffering from a massive conflict of interest: he is losing half a million dollars a day because his hotels are almost all closed by the current pandemic.  So he is pulled by his private business interests to try to open things up again as soon as possible.  At the same time,  all the public health people are telling him many more will die if we don’t get this thing under control.  So the Republicans are trying to hand him control (through Mnuchin) of a half trillion dollar slush fund that he can freely  draw from.  Who has our best interests at heart?  Anthony Fauci, who seems to have disappeared from the daily briefings.  “Be wary then; best safety lies in fear.”

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  1. 2020-03-24 12:59 PM

    November can’t come soon enough. tRump needs to go!


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