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America faces existential threats to democracy both from within and without: Russia (by propaganda) and China (by commerce) from without, and [redacted] (by subversion) from within.


On columnist Jennifer Rubin’s “hatred” of Don the Con (she denies hating anyone, but you know she doesn’t like him):

Ask yourself: why does Rubin oppose Trump? Not because he is pursuing constitutional means to effect policy changes in American government (he’s not).   It’s because he breaks the rules we all agreed to follow.

She opposes him because he is offensive to everyone not like him. He has mocked, in the most offensive terms, anyone who criticizes him.

She opposes him because he uses improper and disproportionate means to get his way.  He tries to threaten, bribe, or extort anyone in the way of his policy choices who tries to stop him.

She doesn’t oppose him because he’s conservative– he’s not, and she is, but that’s not the point.

She opposes him because his behavior is offensive. His policy choices are cruel and likely to exacerbate the wealth inequality which cripples American growth (how can workers buy more stuff when their salaries have not risen against inflation in 40 years?)– but that’s not why she opposes him.

She opposes him because he says offensive things; he calls “never Trumpers” “human scum”– why?

Trump thinks he can do anything he wants, and if someone tries to stop him, he will not admit defeat when he’s overmatched.  He instead tries to overpower them through improper means: insults, threats, bribery, extortion, blackmail, veiled threats of violence, enlisting actually violent ultra-right-wing extremists, and worse.

When Obama with-held Congressional monies, he went through all the legal procedures and did it publicly; when Trump with-held money, he did it secretly, without explaining why, in violation of laws established after Nixon tried the same chicanery.

I don’t think Rubin is embarrassing. What embarrasses me is that I have to admit that I’m an American under Trump’s government. Opposing Bush II’s policies was a matter of liberal vs conservative– they thought his policy choices were wrong. But opposing Trump himself is a matter of taste: he’s disgusting, and his behavior is illegal.

Trump is a liar, a con man and a crook.


On the Republicans saying “I’d rather be a Russian than a Democrat”:

Those Russians they admire have some problems at home:

One, life expectancy has dropped, partly due to alcohol abuse and partly due to malnutrition.

Two, their abortion rate is “one of the highest in the world.”  Try that on for size, right after remembering that the biggest single-issue Trump voters are anti-abortion activists.

Three, their “gun rights” are non-existent.  Private citizens cannot purchase semi-automatic weapons easily.  The second biggest single-issue voter group is the Second Amendment types who would be horrified if they faced the restrictions on gun ownership that are in place in Russia and have been for many years.  The so-called “Russian NRA” is a front group for spies trying to infiltrate conservative groups here in the USA, like Maria Butina (who has been deported).

I think that if people like Tucker Carlson and Newt Gingrich were to publicly face the Russian abortion rates and gun non-rights, the popularity of the phrase “I’d rather be a Russian than a Democrat” would drop precipitously.  Not going to happen, I know, but it does further lower their standings in the eyes of people who keep their eyes open to everything that is really going on.

The Russians are a great threat to democracy, and to the United States (whom they rightly blame for the disastrous collapse of the USSR and privatization that caused instant billionaires and instant poverty for the masses– remember Putin still has nostalgia for his KGB days)…

Democracy faces tremendous threats both from within and without.  Russia and China are both  capable of destroying the US, not by war, but by propaganda (Russia) and by commerce (China) .

The Republicans are playing with fire when they flirt with Putin.  Fascism is contagious.

Someone said, “Republicans will not accept being democratically overthrown.  They will destroy democracy instead.”  If Trump receives a narrow loss this November, he might attempt a coup.   Try sleeping tonight while thinking about that.

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