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My (our) Nightmare: What if he wins, again? 630 words on how bad it could get.


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Current political theater leads us to predict, with some good confidence, that He will be impeached in the House and “exonerated” in the Senate, probably by mid-February.  The pressing need for speed in this case appears to be that several current Senators are running for President and don’t need to be sitting in the Senate all day every day going through already damning evidence that won’t turn the heads of 53 Senators by a single degree…

Therefore, if He’s not going to be convicted, what’s the point? of impairing the campaigns of some six Senators who are trying to throw him out of office electorally, in the only contest that has a good chance of succeeding.  Thus thinks Ms. Pelosi.

However, there is the issue of additional testimony by those who can’t be moved in time for the House to hear it.  Chief Justice Roberts will be presiding over the Senate trial, and there is hope that he can compel the testimony of such miscreants as John “hand grenade” Bolton (speak of the pot calling the kettle black).  If, by request of Democrats or on his own initiative, he issues a ruling that the crime/fraud exception to any executive privilege applies to the compelled testimony of Bolton, McGahn, Pompeo, Giuliani, et al, it could amplify the intensity of the testimony.

Then there is Lev Parnas.  He has already turned over audio and video recordings of Giuliani and his boss.  What if there is audio of his temporary President-ness telling Giuliani, “I wanna squeeze Zelenskiy like an orange, I mean really extort the *** out of the mother****.”??  Wouldn’t that be as good as the Nixon tapes?  Who knows?  Even that might not be enough to turn Republican heads.

The mother of all nightmares, though, begins with impeachment and failure to convict.  It leads through to the Presidential election next November and the dread turn– He wins, again, by pulling Wisconsin out of a hat and holding on to a few other key states.  What will happen next is an unstoppable slide into a crippled federal government and a temporary, permanent disenfranchised majority of the people– An increase in the already historically high level of income and wealth inequalities, violent behavior by police and immigration officers, riots, an economic crash even, and the demise of the Roe v. Wade protections.

Some people would do just fine in a second term by the most corrupt, dishonest president in American history.  These people would be white, healthy, wealthy, and mostly male.  Others would not do so well– poor, brown people with disabilities, for example.  The worst effect would be on the federal government itself: many sincere, dedicated professionals would be forced to leave, and those who remain would be handicapped and isolated in departments that are shadows of their former selves.

The president’s henchmen, Steve Miller chief among them, have already reduced or simply eliminated many troublesome divisions.  In some cases, the eliminated groups have not been replaced, nor has their work been passed to others; the hatchet-wielders have allowed their functions to be completely lost.  Their clear priorities have been to make it impossible for the government to function as it did in the past.

Thus, if He is re-elected, the federal government as we know it will be gone in four years, replaced by a barely functional system to collect and distribute Social Security pensions attached to a muscular military and no State Department.  This is the nightmare that haunts me on alternate nights.  The dream on the other nights is just as bad, only it involves the Earth becoming nearly uninhabitable as billions of people starve, coastlines are washed away, and average temperatures rise 5 degrees Celsius by 2100.  Between the two of these, I’m not sleeping so well lately.

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