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Comment of the Day: There are four issues that bind R voters to…[redacted]: Abortion, anti-taxes, guns, and racism.

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Berlin, NH

 I live in [redacted] country, rural northern New England. As an older white guy I know and am friendly with and do business with a fair number of folks who have [redacted] bumper stickers and [redacted] yard signs from three years ago. I get to listen to what people say when they think everyone’s a [redacted] supporter. There are four issues that bind R voters to their party and to [redacted]: Abortion, anti-taxes, guns, and racism. They also get vicarious pleasure from [redacted]’s intentional cruelty, as if this were just reality TV or a (phony) wrestling match. I’ve tried to carefully raise issues with my R friends and associates, some of whom would do anything to help any individual in need, regardless of party or skin color. They know he’s a liar and don’t care–they think all the Ds/liberals/leftists gnashing of teeth makes having [redacted] worth it. As long as he pokes his finger into our eyes, as long as he sticks it to Blacks and Latinos, as long as he appoints sexist judges, they will support him. They have no interest in listening to reason and the more we complain about [redacted], the more they embrace and defend him.

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