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Kargos Dargala (Iraqi Kurd, US citizen, combat veteran with multiple Purple Hearts): “The path the president is on is a very destructive [one]”


(photo courtesy of

This quote and the backup information come courtesy of Reuters, in a post dated October 21, 2019 at 6:54 AM EDT.

One factor which has not been emphasized enough yet is that this move into Syria by Turkey represents a big win for the Russians.  The Kurds, fearful of massacre after the withdrawal of American troops, quickly negotiated a deal with Bashar al-Assad and the Russians to bring heavy troops into the front-line areas facing Turkey.  The Russians immediately occupied some positions that the Americans had just left.

This is the proof positive: the US is yielding field positions to the Russians, contrary to our stated mission of advancing or at least maintaining American influence against Russia.  [redacted]’s policy of retreat has given the Russians tremendous tactical victories, far greater than those the Obama administration allowed.

These moves show clearly that [redacted] is working hand in glove with Vladimir Putin of Russia.  Hillary once again claimed that Putin has kompromat on the American *president, but it’s possible that his mind is so twisted that he really believes that what he’s doing is right, even without Putin having a hand over him.

Even the present Ukraine scandal is tainted with Russian influence: rumor has it that Russian cut-outs and oligarchs plus Russian-allied Ukrainian oligarchs were willing and possibly able to supply disinformation to Rudy Giuliani and his friends.  None of the information that has come out of Ukraine is demonstrably false right now, but who knows what conspiracy theories lurk behind the scenes only to arise later in the campaign season, when they could have more impact.  The entire theory that “the DNC server” (there were actually some 400 servers that shared DNC data) is physically located in Ukraine may have come courtesy of the Russians.

With luck, the Ukraine scandal will lead to a quick impeachment.  The  House lawsuit to reveal eight years of his financial statements from his accountant has made an appeals court decision, meaning the Supreme Court will be next to consider it.  How long that takes depends on how much the White House can delay it.  Revelations from the financial statements will almost certainly fan the flames of impeachment and are almost worth waiting for, now that the Doral golf course clause of the House’s bill of impeachment has been forestalled.

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