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Comment of the Day: The right openly espouses the virtues of hate, greed, and violence; the left is more than willing to compromise.

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@Jim But Brooks is lying to himself or himself about what makes them support Trump. They openly espouse the virtues of hate, greed, and violence, say the ends justify the means, “kill all the liberals,” our government is their “enemy,” and support Trump while he divides Our Union and calls for violence against citizens without due process, day in and day out. They reject reason (facts, logic, math, and science) and refuse to compromise, which means they can’t be “reasonable people with whom we happen to disagree.” Reasonable people do not reject the entire Enlightenment, which is the set of Philosophies that led to Constitutional Government. I started in the center, and have spent my life following politics and economics, so I have moved steadily left, because the Left is correct, and the Right is a bunch of thieving liars who believe in nothing but hate, greed, and violence. I am not going to delude myself that this third of the Country that loves Trump has any good reason to do so. I have given up on them. We need to beat them at the polls, not keep trying to “understand them,” while centrist Democrats call the Left “extreme” because we actually oppose fascism. The Right believes that you must lose so they can win. They don’t care what you think. The Left is more than willing to compromise. The Left actively practices consensus building, where all voices are heard, so that we can use our creativity to find win/win solutions that make everyone’s lives better.

(My question: if the left is actively practicing consensus building, why does [redacted] say they’re going to turn us into Venezuela?  What we have here is a failure to communicate.)

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