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Thomas Bossert: “The DNC server and that conspiracy theory has got to go. If he continues to focus on that white whale, it’s going to bring him down.”


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This was Thomas Bossert, [redacted]’s former homeland security adviser, speaking on ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday.

The theory, if you didn’t know yet, has a novel aspect or two that [redacted] has added to the “original” conspiracy about Ukraine and the 2016 elections.  Remember that in the original version, Crowdstrike conspired with the Ukrainian government to rig the 2016 elections in Hillary’s favor– but forgot to remind her campaign.  Then the Ukrainians fixed it to make it look like the Russians did it.  The FBI either didn’t know they’d been had or else wittingly cooperated in this conspiracy, partly by not examining the physical servers that were hacked (never mind that Crowdstrike gave the FBI digital images of the servers to play with).  There’s also a conspiracy about the revelations of Manafort’s work in Ukraine and his $12.7 million payout– that somehow the Democrats solicited this information, which was confirmed when Manafort was sent to prison for it.

In addition to the first version, there is the new assertion that the physical servers (the original ones that belonged to the DNC and were hacked to yield the emails which were spilled all over the news prior to the election) are actually in Ukraine.  What’s more, Crowdstrike (the company that alerted the FBI to the hacking and materially assisted the effort to determine what had been done and who had done it) is actually owned by a rich Ukrainian.  These stunning “facts” come directly from [redacted]’s fertile imagination; they didn’t exist in the “news” stories he had been reading.

So, we have the President playing a sort of game of Telephone with conspiracy theories, not only believing the most absurd one that fits his emotional needs, but adding details all his own.  As with all good propaganda, there is a seed of truth, and that appears to be the job that Hunter Biden had with the Ukrainian gas company Burisma.  It was a very high paying job for such a young man, and it is easy to charge that Hunter was playing off his father’s name.  Fortunately for Hunter, there has been no wrongdoing by Burisma uncovered, despite the disadvantage its director has in being part of a corrupt administration now overthrown by elections.

It seems that Ukraine’s new President took the only way open to him: lie to the Americans that they were going to start an investigation (with all attendant publicity) of the Bidens, and stall for time.  Fortunately for Volodymyr Zelensky, a “bipartisan outcry” (namely a few strategic calls from key [redacted] supporters in the Republican Senate) saved his funding just in time– or not.

What I have read seems to indicate that Zelensky has gone ahead with a sort of peace treaty with Russia.  This treaty has some very unequal terms, it seems.  Further news of this will come in the next few days– or not, if it’s not true.

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