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[redacted]: “The conversation I had was… largely the fact that we don’t want our people, like Vice President Biden and his son, creating to [sic] the corruption already in the Ukraine.” (a brief explainer.)


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As we know thanks to the Wall Street Journal, [redacted] brought up the subject of investigating Joe Biden and Hunter Biden eight times during his July 25 call with new President Volodymyr Zeletsky… after the Ukrainian government apparently failed to take any action, relying on the May advice of their new Prosecutor General that the subject was not worth investigating, the White House repeatedly delayed releasing $250 million in military aid that the Ukrainians were due, in part for their standing on the front line against Russian aggression.  In fact, the administration stalling over the aid threatened to cause it to automatically expire in October.

Finally, supposedly as a result of bipartisan Congressional complaints, the aid was authorized and is presumably on its way, this being merely September, the twelfth month of the fiscal year… so Ukraine can feel confident that next year’s aid will be equally late.

As in this case, we can see that Trump often caves to bipartisan condemnation– although that almost never happens in the first place.

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