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Liu Cixin, author of “The Three-Body Problem”: “…the world around me [becomes] more and more like science fiction, and this process is speeding up.”


Liu Cixin is the author of a powerful science fiction trilogy known by the title of its first part, “The Three Body Problem.”  As a Chinese man living in the People’s Republic of China, he has a fundamentally different viewpoint on democracy and totalitarianism from us.  The Chinese government’s activities are explained in a fundamentally different way.  Read the article in the New Yorker to fill in the details of a viewpoint that is not necessarily correct but that bears evaluation and understanding in order to fully comprehend the giant geopolitical changes that will accompany China’s rise as a large part of the future world.  The novel itself, translated into English, is a tremendously enlightening and exciting experience.  Get it from Amazon.

(photo courtesy of and comfreak)


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