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No monsters here– just little girls walking across a bridge…


This photo is here because the last post had a very ugly picture… I was shocked when I looked at it closely… These are, anyway, the children interned at the border, except they’ve had a bath and clean clothes, and they’ve been released into a green meadow where there’s a pretty little bridge across a brook…  This preys on my mind.  I think, Why can’t they realize that the birth rate in the US is below replacement level and we need new citizens?  I guess if they might be Democratic citizens, they don’t want them.

Actually, a policy that emphasizes federal investment in preschool and primary school quality that really gets kids up to speed on reading, writing, arithmetic, and so on, will pay tremendous dividends in the productivity of later adult citizens right here in this country.

An infusion of young people, with impressionable minds, into invigorated public schools, will contribute to the growth of patriotism as well as a new generation of well-informed people.  There is no need to shove patriotism down people’s throats.  As a federal government, be caring for everyone (even those who didn’t vote for you) and distribute the largess to which the people are entitled by their payment of taxes.  Collect taxes in a fair and progressive way, with adequate funding for auditing of fruitful targets.

Wait– I hear trumpets.  My time has passed. /sarcasm


(photo courtesy of and cherylholt)

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