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President Trump is a bully and a coward against Iran. He bullied them with crippling economic sanctions, and he cravenly flinched when he had the chance to retaliate for a downed $130 million drone.


We all know that he has been a bully and a coward since he was a child.  As a flagrant narcissist, he started out with a classic bullying personality.  Ever since he was raised with a silver spoon in his mouth, he has assumed that everyone has to be subservient to his will and he doesn’t have to respect anyone else’s opinion.

He has never had to work for anything, much less work hard.  Everything has been handed to him, including a handsome salary since the age of three.  One wonders what his job description would have looked like when his father hired him as a toddler.

The result of his pampered upbringing and the constant whispering in his ear, “You’re special.  You can do anything you want without any consequence” has been a narcissistic character disorder, extreme sociopathy, inveterate lying, and a Dunning- Kruger effect gone wild.

The results: bullying and cowardice.  The classic mark of his cowardice is his numerous draft deferments, most notably for “bone spurs” in his heels– spurs which didn’t seem to affect his athletic performance or his lust-infused lifestyle.  Dating in the eighties was his personal Vietnam, as he so poignantly confided– conflating the risk of venereal disease with the chances of getting shot or becoming a drug addict if he had been caught in the draft and sent to Southeast Asia.

The signs of his obsessive bullying are everywhere.  Everyone who contradicts or criticises him comes in for degrading insults, belittling claims, attempts to delegitimize, and threats on his Twitter feed.  The only way to stop his abuse is to abjectly apologize and praise him in the most sycophantic terms.

He held a news conference with his new cabinet which presented a bizarre spectacle as each one, in turn, mechanically repeated the statement that he or she was honored to work for the greatest president in the history of the United States.  Each cabinet member was forced to sign on to the humiliatingly effusive statement of praise to defend himself against being singled out in private and attacked as the only one who hadn’t agreed that he was the greatest president ever.

So, the bottom line with this worthless con artist is that he is not just a narcissist, a liar, and a sociopath.  He is also a coward and a bully.  His shadow shames the very ground he walks upon.  No-one who cooperates with him or even allows himself to be seduced by this liar’s lies can live down the degradation or face the reproach he will surely be subject to when the chickens come home to roost.  As Humphrey Bogart said, “Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon, and for the rest of your life” everyone who listened to him or cooperated with him will be sorry– but by then it will be too late.

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