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Comment of the Day III: “What is the President trying to hide?”


Rockport, MA
Times Pick

This is when the Democrats need to be relentless in their repetition of the simple question, “What is the President trying to hide?” each and every time they have access to a microphone. Yes, I get all the legal possibilities, predictions, suppositions. But for friends and family who don’t (and don’t want to), the doubt has to take hold in the simplest possible way. Leave all the excruciating details to congressional committees. Simple, direct mantras for public consumption. Repeated. And repeated. And repeated. Bumper sticker talk. Print up T-shirts and mugs. Again: What is the President trying to hide? “Simple and repeated” works so beautifully for Republicans and Bernie. Enormously frustrating that spotlight Dems cannot seem to take the KISS lesson from Marketing 101.

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