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Comment of the Day: Democratic leaders need to sell the view of [] as a thief and a liar to the public: they need to wipe out the [] brand. It’s time for some truthful propaganda about his wholesale theft from, and lies to, the American public.



@Ms. Pea Barr misled and took great liberties in interpreting Mueller’s investigation and conclusions. However, The reports provided more than material for mere speculation – they presenting the case for obstruction of justice. Of course the House Judiciary Committee is entitled to see more, and require testimony from any official. However, the obstacle is that those who support Trump and his policies DO NOT CARE that he attempted to obstruct the investigation, and seem indifferent to his gargantuan conflicts of interest, and deliberate pursuit of personal gain as President, which involves Russian interests, past the point where it endangers this country. AS the Dem leaders pursue the information, they have to sell the view of Trump as a thief and liar to the public : they need to wipe out the Trump brand.

San Francisco

@William Case Actually, William, Barr concluded insufficient evidence to prove the Trump campaign conspired with Russia, the public saw the coordination happen on live television, and Mueller also noted a disturbing pattern of encrypted messages, destroyed messages, and witnesses such as Donald Trump who refused to testify. (The very sort of thing – “Hillary’s e-mails” that Trump ranted on about for years). If multiple investigations were good for Hillary, I can’t think of anyone more deserving, and obviously criminal, than Donald Trump.


William Case, Robert Mueller memorialized with his two letters to AG Barr that Barr had mischaracterized the report and asked that he include executive summaries that were prepared purposely for release to the public. Mueller did not exonetate Trump. The special counsel’s report instructs Congress how to proceed in holding Trump accountable for obstruction of justice.

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