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He who must not be named suffers from malignant narcissism and antisocial personality disorder, lies incessantly, loves cruelty, could get violent if he doesn’t get his way– oh, and he’s been getting worse lately.


His superficial charm and his ability to con people into trusting his promises is incredibly dangerous because he will inevitably betray anyone foolish enough to believe and follow him.  He has already betrayed his own voters by secretly colluding with Russian and Saudi Arabian tyrants.  He has already betrayed the trust of the American people by seeking profit wherever it is offered, from China to Serbia.  He has done so many things to weaken, confuse, and disable our government that he appears to be deliberately destroying it.

Even more frightening is his recent decline into nearly senseless drivel from which coherent utterances seem to be absent.  The only sense that could be made from his latest pronouncement was a claim that the noise from wind turbines causes cancer.

The fact that he was elected president, took over the Republican Party, and has been installing ultra-conservative judges at a rapid clip while he rules by whim for the last two years has filled me with remorse, regret, and disgust.  How can a great country like America not only elect such a man but line up behind him, cover for him, and refuse to call out his lies?

Worst of all, the Department of Homeland Security has disbanded its intelligence unit that focuses on track domestic terrorism (the vast majority of which consists of white supremacist violence).

This man should have been impeached the day he was inaugurated.  That was the only sensible thing to do.  How else do you deal with a man who is so obviously unfit?  If the people are dumb enough to elect him, the Congress should have dealt with him at once instead of “trying to work with him.”

The entire Republican Party has sold its soul in order to get the policies it supports into action.  They know that they represent perhaps a third of the electorate, a distinct minority, but they think they have the right to impose their views upon the majority.  In order to win, they have latched on to the worst demagogue in American history.  I hope that they will get what they deserve for selling out democracy.

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