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“Totally Exonerated” or “Not Exonerated”?– the latest lie from he who must not be named.



Unfortunately for those who were hoping for an indictment of a sitting president, the Mueller report turned out rather lukewarm– not cold, exactly, but not hot either.  Naturally, there was dancing in the White House and a claim of “total exoneration”– which was easy for anyone with an internet connection to fact-check and discover the actual words used by Barr (who was appointed by *him on the basis of his avowed opinion that presidents cannot commit obstruction) to be “not exonerated”… an extremely cautious choice of words that invites further scrutiny of the actual Mueller text.

Frankly, I should have expected a whitewash by Barr of an overly cautious investigation by Mueller whose conclusions require explaining away a certain notorious meeting between Russians, Donald Jr., and campaign staffers, a private computer connection between Trump Tower and Alfa Bank in Moscow, and a few other things.  It is almost as if Mueller is afraid to draw conclusions… could his fear be related to his apprehension about what a damning report would reveal regarding confidential sources and methods.

Or could it be that he fears a reaction by the 40% of the American public that stands behind *him and might become violent if crossed, particularly against unarmed, undefended brown people at random on the streets.  You know, these hate crimes are coming from somewhere, and I have reached the depth in this article that I can just come out and say it without fear of anybody reading it: *he who must not be named is inciting hate crimes against Muslims, Latins, immigrants, and virtually anyone perceived as different.

*He incites racial and ethnic hatred in his speeches, not directly, but with “dog-whistles”.  *He refuses to speak out to condemn violent acts by white supremacists.  When he does speak out, it sounds mealy-mouthed, like his response to the Christchurch massacre that begins: “Warmest wishes”…

I believe at the moment that a large segment of the American population is in the depths of a severe depression and is paralyzed by the failure of our institutions to overcome and expel the offensive presence that is he who must not be named.

The only hope (and it’s a dark hope) is for a recession between now and the next election, and today the yield curve inverted even further– so things are looking so down that they’re up!

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