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“Useful idiot” is an apt term for He who must not be named: his greed and cupidity led him to become an unwitting agent for the Russian intelligence apparatus in its ongoing mission to degrade American society to make it less effective against Russia on the battlefield


An old New Yorker article published during the presidential election campaign of 2016 reminds us of why and how he who must not be named became an “asset” of the Russian intelligence apparatus– otherwise known as a “useful idiot” (someone who unwittingly parrots the Kremlin line or follows its plans without realizing its true intentions.)

The article quotes Sergei Parkhomenko, an activist and broadcaster for Echo of Moscow, who describes Vladimir Putin’s motivation for pushing *His election specifically– as opposed to a general opposition to Hillary Clinton, because he suspected her of a hand in anti-Putin demonstrations at his election in 2012– as being twofold.

First, *His policies and behavior as president will cause intense internal dissension which will take America’s attention away from foreign-policy problems like the Ukraine.

“But there is a second reason,” Parkhomenko continued. “Putin is convinced that absolutely everything in this world is done for money. He is a religious fanatic, and money is his god. With money, it is possible to solve any problem, buy any interlocutor. He bought the Olympic Games, he bought the World Cup. It will be easy to deal with [Him]. He won’t need to use words in negotiations, only figures. When they don’t agree, it will only be necessary to find the right price.”

Thus, we will find the connection between *Him and Putin when we look at *His income tax returns.  Putin has paid millions of dollars for the privilege of directing his puppet’s performance, and that money will show up somewhere (if it hasn’t already, in the form of overpaying for real estate.)  Oh, and where did all that money come from that *He has spent on his golf courses the last few years?

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    2019-03-23 10:38 AM

    ipgs ly tracking


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