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Is there advertising on my blog site? And if so, can anyone tell me what they have seen here? I can’t see it.


I posted this in 2013 also, and got no responses.  On further reflection, it occurs to me that the ads may be individually targeted, and different for each reader of this blog.  Now that I have a few followers, maybe I’ll get a response.  Have you seen any ads when you read my blog?  If so, what ads have you seen?

I have just recently become fully aware (yes, I was asleep at the switch) of advertising policy.   When you read it, you realize that it is only fair that they run ads on my site because I’m too cheap to upgrade to the no ad version.  And by cheap, I mean really cheap… it was eighteen dollars a year, which is less than a quarter of what I pay for my New Yorker subscription… so go figure.  The problem for me, and I emphasize that this is my *only* problem with the advertising policy, is that I can’t see what the ads will be beforehand because they are tailored to the user’s preferences and thus could be different for different people.

I think that the advertising makes perfect sense, because it’s not intrusive (I think–but maybe it looks different on the receiving end?) and Google made a ton of money that way.  It’s all in the clicks.  If it is tailored to produce twenty or thirty bucks a year on clicks, on the average, then the ads could be very intrusive indeed… considering only three people ever read anything I write here.  I’m guessing the ads don’t make up more than ninety five percent of the screen.  If you consider this a problem, feel free to drop me a comment, and I will commiserate with you but probably do nothing about it.

The chances of my upgrading are slim at the moment.  But we shall see, perhaps if I can insert a few photographs.

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