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*President ends shutdown to distract us from the arrest of his long-term friend and political inspiration, Roger Stone– and so he can make his State of the Union speech next Tuesday


Early this morning, Roger Stone was arrested on seven counts of lying to Congress and witness tampering.  He bailed out with $250,000 and travel restrictions.  Later this morning, he who must not be named announced a three-week pause in the ongoing government shutdown.  He made this announcement in a way that suggested that he had won the battle with Nancy Pelosi.  The battle, however, is not over.  Shortly comes the 29th of January, the day on which He wants to make His State of the Union address in the House chamber.  The question I have, is will you cave, Nancy?  Or will you tell him he can’t use his “bully pulpit” until the shutdown is well and truly over?

Update: an announcer on MSNBC just said that it was Roger Stone who came up with the idea of the wall four years ago and suggested it to Him.

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