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Bottom Line: His supporters don’t care that he lies on a wholesale basis. They want an authoritarian who breaks the rules and crashes institutions.


By all accounts, about a third of the American public supports He who must not be named.  These people are mostly authoritarian personalities with a constellation of character traits that makes their thought processes mysterious and repellent to rational beings.

The best explanation I have seen of the personality traits that would tend to make people support he who must not be named is in an article in Psychology Today.  (Actually it’s a blog post.)  According to the author, there are five general character traits that tend to promote His support: authoritarian personality syndrome, “social dominance orientation”, prejudice (ethnic or religious), lack of intergroup contact, and “relative deprivation” (the feeling that one has been deprived of something to which they are entitled.)

This is a complex set of character traits that would be impossible to treat with psychiatric means.  The only reliable way to deal with such a character would be to give them something that they feel they have been deprived of (it need not be substantial; it may be purely symbolic or even invented.)

It goes without saying that it will be necessary  to deprive these people of one of their most cherished icons: He who must not be named.

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