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Salon: “[he who must not be named] evidently believes he is above the law.”


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Lots of people say that:

The American Prospect: “[He]

Declares He Is Above the Law

June 3, 2018     [Chrome tells me this page is “not secure.”]

Washington Post: ” [His] lawyers say he’s above the law” 

June 4, 2018

Los Angeles Times: “[He]

doesn’t think he’s above the law. He thinks he is the law”

It should be noted that on June 4, 2018, at a press conference, Sara Sanders, White House spokeswoman, was asked whether the President believes he is above the law, and she responded “Certainly not.”   So the denial is in place, but the statements he made still strongly imply it; he said he believes that he cannot commit obstruction because “he would be obstructing himself” and in any case, he could just pardon anyone involved (including himself, as he has said before.)
In any case, it is clear that what little rational thinking takes place is guided by the assumption that he can do whatever he wants without anyone legitimately obstructing him and without consequence… this is called impunity and leads to worsening behavior in a sociopath.  This is why things are really going to go downhill from here unless someone (like Mueller) takes drastic action.

So read this: an article from a psychiatric point of view published in Salon a just a week ago:

Psychiatrist justin frank on [his] god complex: he is erotically attached to violence.

From which comes the titled quote: “[He] evidently believes he is above the law”, the very first sentence in the article.

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