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Douglas Brinkley, presidential historian: “He [who must not be named] is just a bull carrying his own china shop with him whenever he travels the world.”


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He has been having a bad time lately, since the election it seems.  His trip to Paris didn’t go well.  When Theresa May called him while he was on the flight over, he unloaded a bellyfull of bile.  He insulted French President Macron over his misunderstanding of Macron’s speech plumping for a European army– apparently he thought that Macron was saying that Europe needed to defend itself against the US.  In reality, Macron was referring to cyberattacks coming from Russia, China, or the US, not actual military aggression by the US.

Macron responded by giving a speech in front of 60 or 70 world leaders, forcing him to sit there and listen, glowering in silence next to Angela Merkel, while Macron denounced nationalism and called it the opposite of patriotism.

Now that he is back at the White House, he has holed up in his bedroom, hate-watching CNN and tweeting his lies and calumnies non-stop.  He has cancelled all his activities (although he was forced to appear in the White House for a celebration of the Hindu holiday Diwali.)  Ironically, Diwali is supposed to commemorate the cosmic triumph of good over evil.  He didn’t even go to Arlington Cemetery on Veteran’s Day, breaking a tradition that has held since JFK.

We don’t have to wait for a constitutional crisis any more.  It is here.  One of the few things that he did, without any publicity, the other day was to publish an unlawful executive order denying pursuit of asylum to anyone not presenting themselves at an official port of entry.  Meantime, the largest port of entry on the southern border, Tijuana, with 100,000 crossings a day and 22 or more lanes of traffic, will only process one hundred applications a day for asylum.  Applicants must wait for weeks at the southern end of the border crossing for their turn to apply for asylum.  Of course, the vast majority of asylum requests will be turned down.

What’s more, none of the additional personnel dispatched to the border to stop this “invasion” will be assigned to take applications for asylum.  He is determined to slow-walk asylum claims and add to the years-long backlog of immigration court cases.

His order denying asylum to those not presenting at official ports of entry is unlawful because the governing statutes specifically state that people can apply regardless of when they come to the attention of authorities– whether it is voluntarily at a port of entry or later, if a person is apprehended north of the border.  He can’t override specific laws with executive orders and the court will not allow him to ride roughshod over the legislative branch of government as long as Marbury v Madison is settled law.

Sessions, while he was head of the Department of Justice, narrowed the criteria for successful asylum applications by removing the fear of personal violence as an allowable claim.  Those who say that their husbands are threatening to kill them, or who are being extorted or hunted by gangs, will no longer qualify for asylum.  Those who have applied because of personal fear can seek asylum in Mexico, but gangs are waiting for them in places like Tijuana and have been known to kidnap and extort those with sufficient family resources (there are also husbands who kill their wives if they find them.)

Meantime, the number of people applying for asylum each year has skyrocketed from roughly 5,000 to nearly 100,000 over the last ten years.  Yet the US historically has only allowed about 25,000 people a year to enter under asylum provisions.

He who must not be named claims that people are lined up to apply for jobs at the White House– despite the fact that taking a job like that could be a career-ending move.  He is suffering severe cognitive dissonance over the shellacking he has gotten in the elections.  He’s in hiding, still tweeting furiously.  His multifaceted pathological personality and defective character are providing us with a horror show every day that we can’t turn away from.  Our eyes are locked on this unfolding disaster, unable to look away, nauseated, disgusted, and ashamed for our country.

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